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Rewire - Spring 2017

Walk, Run, Wheel - Join team ARBI at the Calgary marathon

Rewire - Spring 2017

Walk, Run, Wheel - Join team ARBI at the Calgary marathon

JOIN TEAM ARBI at the Calgary MarathonScotiabank Calgary Marathon

The Calgary Marathon was the first marathon to be run in Western Canada back in 1963 and is the longest running marathon in Canada. Fast forward to today and ARBI is excited, and proud to partner with the Scotia Bank Charity Challenge at the Calgary Marathon on May 28, 2017. Volunteers, staff, clients, and families will all be representing Team ARBI in the marathon, half marathon, 5k, and kids marathon events.

Walk, Run or Wheel in one of the events. Please sign up at www.CalgaryMarathon.com.
You can support any of the Team ARBI members by donating here.
And of course, come down on May 28 and cheer on Team ARBI!  


Did You Know

Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability for Canadians under the age of 40
and that
One in three Canadians is directly impacted by brain injury in some way

Donor Profile

In 2016, National Bank made a wonderful commitment of $100,000 over 5 years to ARBI. Thank You National Bank.

Meghan Meger - President, Private Banking 1859 Western Canada, National Bank of CanadaAs a leading player in the country’s economy, National Bank is committed to promoting the well-being of the communities it serves. The Bank achieves its objectives in the community through its donations and sponsorship program, successful fundraising efforts, and teams of current and retired employee volunteers who are determined to make a difference.

National Bank’s support to ARBI  embodies perfectly our company’s commitment to health and wellness.  Whether it’s supporting medical research, access to care, promoting physical activity or healthy lifestyles, we are proud to help. 

Our goal is to build a prosperous society where our communities are healthy and survivors have the tools they need to grow into good citizens who care about the communities they live in. At the end, by investing in  ARBI, it ensures a brighter and stronger future for us all.

We are proud that National Bank has contributed to ARBI; we recognize that the quality of the care that is provided by the organization is in large part due to the dedication of its staff. We would therefore like to thank all those who tend to the needs of their patients and their families on a daily basis. We know how much this means in the recovery process.

Meghan Meger
President, Private Banking 1859
Western Canada
National Bank of Canada
Proud ARBI Board Member

Volunteer Voices
ARBI Volunteer ReneeRenee was a volunteer at ARBI from 2009-2010 when she decided to go back to school and get her nursing degree.  We applauded her decision as we knew that there would be so many people who would benefit from her caring nature.  
Fast forward to 2016 and a phone call from Renee…she wants to volunteer again!  She has been working as a nurse for the last few years and wants to reunite with ARBI as a volunteer.  We teamed her up with a client who would be doing a modified rehab program as well as attending our Community Kitchen Group.  A unique arrangement for a unique volunteer.  Renee is able to support her client in both areas offering her the opportunity to explore interests she had before her stroke in a safe and nurturing environment.
What does volunteering mean to you?
For me, volunteering is an opportunity to interact and socialize with people I don’t tend to encounter in my daily life. It is also a huge soul booster as I leave every session feeling inspired and invigorated.
Compare your thoughts/views of disability/rehab before and after your nursing degree.
Before my nursing degree, I feel I saw rehabilitation as helping someone work towards returning back to the way their life was before their event. Almost like an “all or none” phenomenon.

After my nursing degree, I see rehabilitation as an opportunity to discover new ways of doing things. Not necessarily being able to do things just as one had done before their event but as a chance to look at challenges differently. The question that often comes to mind when working with my client is “How could she accomplish this task a different way?” After my nursing degree, I have also come to recognize that people are very resilient and knowledgeable about their abilities. For example, in the community kitchen program, my client was able to figure out how to, very skillfully, crack open an egg using one hand and the edge of a bowl. I will never forget this experience. Truly amazing to see!

Does any learning from ARBI help you in your work?
I feel that volunteering with ARBI has encouraged me to look at challenges differently with clients. My time with ARBI has helped me to recognize that most of the time there is more than one way of dealing with a problem.


Thank You

Thank you to Eagle Lake Landscape Supply for their donation of 2 “Big Yellow Bags” of gardening soil.

For the second year now, Eagle Lake Landscape Supply has donated all the soil that is used by the horticulture program at ARBI. Every week during the summer months, the horticulture program brings clients together in the garden to work on dexterity, standing, endurance, communication, and of course to have fun and socialise.

Big yellow bag of black garden soil

You're invited to ARBI's annual stampede breakfast








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