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Rewire - Summer 2017

Terry And Harvey - The Coffee Guys

Rewire - Summer 2017

Terry And Harvey - The Coffee Guys

The Coffee Guys

The only thing Terry and Harvey had in common was that they both had a stroke.  Harvey was a small equipment mechanic and Terry was an oil and gas executive. But a friendship was born; so much so, that after a day of intense rehabilitation they decided to head over to the local coffee shop.  More remarkable, though, Terry and Harvey have aphasia (difficulty communicating). ARBI provided them the tools, strategies and confidence to venture on their own and grab a cup of coffee – like any two friends would. 

Brain Injury prevalence

Donor Profile

Logo - The Calgary Foundation - For Community, Forever

As a community foundation, the Calgary Foundation exists to nurture a healthy, vibrant, giving and caring community. By partnering with inspiring organizations like ARBI, the Foundation is able to strengthen our community and support some of its most vulnerable members. 
ARBI and the Calgary Foundation’s relationship began with the first grant in 1984, followed shortly by the establishment of ARBI’s Charitable Endowment Fund at the Foundation. With a focus on long-term sustainability, ARBI has navigated its growing demand for services with thoughtful consideration and an eye to strategic capacity building – often by participating in Foundation-led workshops and programs. 
The Calgary Foundation believes in supporting and encouraging organizations who take innovative and adaptive approaches to their work. ARBI’s strong business practices and unique approaches to service delivery are appealing to Calgary Foundation donors, as is ARBI’s ability to demonstrate how they are directly impacting the ability of many people to rediscover full, joyful lives. 
The Calgary Foundation is proud to work with and alongside ARBI to ensure all of our citizens thrive.


Volunteer Voices
ARBI Volunteer - Lorne

“It’s a no brainer; it’s a family affair”
Looking up from his project in the woodshop, this was Lorn’s response to the question, “what would you say to someone that was interested in volunteering at ARBI?”
Lorn Howes worked for the Calgary Fire Department for 33 years.
He retired in 2004, but not before he began to volunteer for ARBI’s On-Site Program.  He started volunteering shortly after his brother, Nonnie, sustained a severe brain injury on his farm. Three days a week Lorn volunteered to help Nonnie with his rehabilitation.  “It was rewarding for me; seeing how my brother progressed”. Nonnie has since graduated ARBI’s On-Site Program. Thirteen years later, though, and Lorn still volunteers weekly – for him, “there was still work to be done.  I couldn’t just leave the clients”. In his thirteen years he has worked with many clients, helping them achieve their goals.
Lorn joined ARBI’s Board of Directors in 2006, because he truly believed in ARBI’s services. After an incredible eleven years, Lorn retired from the Board in June of this year.
But will he continue to volunteer in the woodshop?  You bet.
“The clients give you a laugh everyday you’re here; they’re never down.  Clients are happy to be here and you’re happy to be here.  You look forward to coming into ARBI.”
Thank you Lorn, for your incredible service and dedication to ARBI; and for helping to make life better for our clients. 


Client Voices

Dear ARBI Family,
Thank You ALL for your incredible hard work, support and dedication. Barnabas has made amazing progress with all of your help.
Much Love,
Barnabas and the Nagy family




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