Strategic Plan 2016-2021

With support from the Calgary Foundation, ARBI has completed work on a Strategic Plan that will set the course for the next years. Bruce Murray, president ARBI’s Board of Directors, explains the heart of it below:


"With the wisdom that comes from decades of experience, ARBI takes seriously its responsibility to contribute to the larger conversation about brain injury and to advocate for survivors. I am proud that ARBI’s voice has grown to be respected in the medical community, and that ARBI’s influence is felt through its many volunteers and partners. 


Over the past year, ARBI’s Board of Directors has worked closely with the leadership team to develop this strategic plan. At the heart of it, ARBI’s strategy is to grow to serve more clients. Growing will include, in part, expanding capacity to do more of what we do now, as well as developing new ways of serving clients. Growth will require us to strengthen our many partnerships, raise our profile and leverage resources for maximum benefit."


Please click here for the in-depth, 13-page report.