Success Stories

Alan's Story

Six-time Ironman, father of six, and grandfather of 22 … stroke survivor.

Learn how Alan got a second chance 


Randy Fowler

Read about Randy's journey from Saskatchewan Roughriders prospect to brain injury survivor, ARBI graduate, and now ARBI board member and motivational speaker.


Eddie's Story

Eddie is an athlete, artist, and a stroke survivor. Follow his journey re-learning to run, skate and ride a bike. His story is a perfect example of the activity-based approach we take to rehabilitation. 

Learn about Eddie's second chance...


Carla’s Story

Enjoys sports, loves music, appreciates art, what she really wants is to volunteer and make a difference. She is a brain injury survivor.

Learn about Carla’s second chance … 


John's Story

John, among other things including stroke survivor, is also a published novelist. We asked him to write about his time here. 

In his own words...


Lukasz’ Story

Big brother, foodie, snowboarder, “Americano lover," survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury.

Learn how Lukasz got a second chance …



Survivor and ARBI Graduate, 1996

Today, Lori is one of ARBI’s most dedicated volunteers.  Her sharp sense of humour, excellent memory and attention to detail keep ARBI staff on track. She operates the photocopier, helps with filing, scanning and special projects.  Lori lives in her own home she had designed and built to her specific needs. She has remained close friends with her original volunteer Pat Steele and she can be found at the Steele’s house on most holidays and special occasions. 

“I have known Lori since the mid-1980s. She brings a smile to my face every Tuesday at ARBI. I think her quick wit and direct, common sense approach with issues are her trademarks. You can always count on a straight answer from Lori, and I like that! Lori is a great asset to the therapists at ARBI and we appreciate everything she does for us.” -Brenda Lee-Kemp, former ARBI Physiotherapist