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Giving: A Way of Life at TELUS

#GiveWhereWeLive is not a label, fancy moniker or tag line. It is a belief system, a culture, a way of life. For TELUS, these words are woven into their corporate fabric – and they stand by them! TELUS’ philanthropic footprint is massive in size and scope – it is because they have a 360 degree approach to community engagement and investment. They contribute through Cause Campaigns – creating opportunities for Canadians to support causes they believe in deeply; Humanitarian Relief – supporting Calgary Floods, Fort McMurray Wildfire and most recently the BC wild fires; Team Member Giving – empowering TELUSians and retirees through employee matching, volunteer rewards and TELUS Days of Giving; and, through their Community Boards they provide annual grants to local grassroots charities – funding is decided through an innovative model which has local community members decide where the funding goes . All of this is just scratching the surface.

ARBI is very proud to say we have been grateful recipients of the TELUS Community Board including a chance to meet the community board members and share our story and the work that we do when the Board met at ARBI. Most recently, they have supported our Caregiver Support Group. This Group provides tools, strategies and resources to spouses, loved-ones and care-givers of brain injury and stroke survivors. Family and loved-ones are survivors too, and they often have to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, resentment and a massive sense of alienation. Addressing topics such as emotional/personality and behavioral changes, legal matters, accessibility issues, stress and self-care, and grief and loss sets the family unit up for greater success and a more fulfilling life.

The peer support, conversation and friendship developed among participates was equally, if not more, important than the information and resources shared. They could learn, laugh, cry and share together – they were not alone. When the group concluded, a few participants returned to the group next year as mentors for the new participants. TELUS’ support made this possible.
We are thrilled that our nomination of TELUS for the 2018 Generosity of Spirit – Corporate Philanthropist was successful. Congratulations to an organization that contributes a lot to our city and continues to be a wonderful friend of ARBI.

Annual Report 2019
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