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There and Back Again

There And Back Again

“Lori Hart was only 25 years old when doctors discovered a brain tumour and gave her six months to live. Following life-saving surgery in 1986, Lori suffered a brain hemorrhage that required further surgery. Lori was left with a severe brain injury that changed her life forever.

Lori’s speech was impaired by the brain injury but the biggest impact was on her physical abilities.

Due to significant co-ordination and balance impairments, Lori required a great deal of assistance to look after herself and carry out the basic skills required for daily living. Lori’s parents introduced her to ARBI in 1986 – a relationship that has spanned almost 20 years. For the first 10 years, Lori was a client in ARBI’s intensive On-Site Program. Since graduating from this ARBI program in 1996, Lori has become one of our organization’s most dedicated volunteers.

She manoeuvres her wheelchair with ease and openly talks about her battle to overcome physical disabilities and regain her confidence and independence. “It’s like you go up a hill and then plateau and go up again and then plateau again,” she says of her years of rehabilitation at ARBI. But the struggle was well worth it for this vibrant 44-year-old woman. Lori lives on her own in a home she had designed and built to meet her specific needs. When she isn’t looking after her house or cooking, she can be found at the ARBI office, running the photocopy machine or filing documents. She keeps the staff at ARBI “on track” with her excellent memory and attention to detail.”

– ARBI Annual Report 04-05


TWENTY TWO years since graduating, Lori remains one of our most dedicated and fiercely passionate volunteers. Every Tuesday and Friday – like clockwork – she provides invaluable administration support. Most recently, she’s become a crackerjack database administrator in SalesForce – the software we utilize to manage our volunteer and donor information. She helps to maintain and inforce the integrity of the data to ensure accuracy and completeness. Make no mistake … this is a vital role. And we are so very grateful for her continued support. Thank you, Lori, for all that you do for ARBI.

Annual Report 2019
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