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Volunteer Voices

Volunteer Voices

We sat down with Sam (pictured above on the left with ARBI Rehabilitation Assistant Agie), one of our wonderful volunteers, to ask her a bit about her experience at ARBI.

What are you doing right now? School? Where and what degree?
Right now I am just working at a physiotherapy clinic, preparing to head back to school for physiotherapy or athletic therapy. I have a bachelor of science in exercise science through the University of Lethbridge.

Could you walk us through a day at ARBI?
Over the past couple months we’ve worked out a daily routine with Bill. We start the afternoon off in the OT gym working on his fine motor skills. Next we work on Bill’s speech, where half of the session we work through the exercises from the therapist and the other half Bill is usually telling me about his travels and friends (Bill knows everyone!). We finish the day off with physiotherapy, which usually involves Bill taking laps around the facility and me running after him because he has gotten so fast lately!

What’s your relationship with your client and what have you learned about him?
I love working with Bill, he is so motivated and always looking to challenge himself with his therapy. I’ve learned so much about his travels with with his wife, especially to Spain. He is also really good at remembering little facts about everyone at ARBI, and tells me them every time we meet a therapist or staff member. Lately whenever I am leaving he says “thank you for putting up with me” but he is such a lovely patient to work with, it is so nice to spend a couple hours with him every Thursday!

Can you retell a very special or memorable moment you had at ARBI?
Two moments stick out for me with Bill. One was about a month after I started working with him, and his physiotherapist was telling me about how he could barely walk without his walker when he first came in. Then Bill just stood up and started walking without any aids and with the proper form as well! My other favorite memory of Bill was a couple weeks ago, when another client was walking past us with his therapist and volunteer. Bill turned to me and was so happy for the other client, saying how well he was walking and how great it was that he was progressing in his recovery.

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