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Running to Make Lives Better

Running To Make Lives Better

With less than a month ’till the Calgary Marathon, Team ARBI is getting ready to give it thier all. We a few members of Team ARBI who all work together at Litwiniuk & Company why they chose to run to support Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

  1. Why are you running for ARBI?At Litwiniuk & Company, we help people who have been injured in accidents. We have seen first-hand the devastating and life-changing effects that serious injuries can have on a person, and on their family and friends. Our core purpose is to protect injury victims and to level the playing field, so insurance companies with more knowledge or resources do not take advantage of them. We take care of the legal work and paperwork, so they can take care of themselves and their families. We are ardent admirers of the vital contributions that ARBI makes in improving the lives of brain injury survivors, but it is the help and hope you give the families of those survivors that really has us in awe. You are truly making life better for so many. We are delighted to contribute in any way to ARBI in support of your work; you are an inspiration to us.
  2. Why is Litwiniuk putting a team together? How does this fit into your culture?Our core purpose (We Balance the Power) is motivated by a desire to offer a helping hand to those at a disadvantage or in difficult circumstances, whenever and wherever we can. The Litwiniuk family built the company with a focus on using their influence as leaders in the industry to bring fairness and justice to our community, and this focus is alive throughout the team. One thing we talk about a lot on our team is practicing gratitude for what we have and what we can do for others, and our team are always eager to find opportunities for group volunteering or fundraising to give back to our community. We are very proud of the altruistic and philanthropic attitude of the people representing our firm, and are happy to support their efforts in whatever way we can.
  3. What distances are the Team running and how are you preparing?Team Litwiniuk will be taking part in the 5KM run. Many of our team members enjoy working out and staying active together outside of work, especially through our private boot camp classes that run twice a week with Method Fitness and by taking advantage of our company discount for membership with GoodLife Fitness. Several of our team members are also making the most of our office location by going for morning or after-work runs along the Elbow River pathway. We are excited for the event, and look forward to some friendly competition with our team over who can get the fastest finish time!!
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