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Brain Injury Case Manager (AHS stroke program)


Brain Injury Case Manager (AHS stroke program)


Calgary Aphasia Centre
The Calgary Aphasia Centre (CAC) is a non-profit program created to support and advocate for Calgarians living with aphasia. There is no cost to attend. calgaryaphasia.com


Calgary Brain Injury Program
A central link for staff, patients and patients’ caregivers to access updated information and access to programs and services across the Calgary Zone. www.albertahealthservices.ca/facilities.asp?pid=service&rid=1490


Calgary Counselling Centre
Providing counselling for a wide range of services, including but not limited to; addictions, depression, trauma, health issues, victim of a crime etc. http://www.calgarycounselling.com/counselling/areas-of-counselling/
(403) 265-4980
(403) 691-5991 (direct counselling)


In-Definite Arts Society
In-Definite Arts is a nonprofit visual arts centre where artists with developmental disabilities come together to create, exhibit and sell artwork. http://www.indefinitearts.com


JB Music Therapy
JB Music Therapy Inc. is recognized throughout Calgary, Alberta as an expert provider for music therapy programs, presentations and resources for health care and education professionals. http://jbmusictherapy.com


Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery
A survivor’s guide to the Canadian Stroke Best Practice recommendations. See the PDF here.


Repsol Sport Centre
The Talisman is a recreation facility with accessible services. ARBI holds walking and aquatics groups here, for example.

Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society (SABIS)
SABIS promotes lifelong supports and services for adults with acquired brain injury and their families and advocates for open and inclusive communities for all persons regardless of the severity of their brain injury.
(403) 521-5212


Stroke Recovery Association Calgary
Addresses the specific needs of stroke recoverers in dealing with their new lifestyle, and help caregivers dealing with stroke survivors.
(403) 827-7520


Supported Lifestyles(Brain Assist)
provide innovative support to adults with a developmental disability. We specialize in delivering services to individuals with complex needs and provide an array of residential and vocational supports to this population. http://www.supportedlifestyles.com/
(403) 207-5115


The Centennial Centre for Mental Health and Brain Injury (Halvar Jonson Centre)
Not a traditional hospital, but rather a facility that provides specialized mental health and brain injury treatment and care. Specialists and health professionals committed to integrated, multidisciplinary care and treatment.
(403) 783-7803


Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency (URSA)
URSA is a Calgary based not-for-profit agency that supports the needs of disabled individuals in the community setting. The agency prides itself in being “universal”, meaning developing and offering rehabilitation services to individuals that are currently not being used.
(403) 272-7722


University of Alberta Aphasia Camp
The Alberta Aphasia Camp is a weekend-long camp held every September. It is held in a rustic outdoor camp away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It provides an opportunity for individuals who are living with aphasia, as well as one of their family members or friends, to enjoy a weekend retreat. Activities are both recreational and therapeutic in nature.


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