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“ARBI’s values and philosophies have always been a natural fit with the teaching/learning objectives of Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. The experience they provide our students is always second to none.”

Patti DesJardine, Practicum Coordinator/Instructor, Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Faculty of Medicine University of Calgary

ARBI provides practicum placements for students. In doing so we are supporting the education and growth of our community members. Most of our students are pursuing careers in rehabilitation, disability support and medically related studies.

We have established an extensive partnership with educational institutions where we are able to provide future healthcare professionals with placements to enhance their classroom learning with a practical application. The number of hours associated with the practicum, the grading mechanism and the intensity of the therapeutic expectations vary between the programs and the different institutions. What doesn’t change is the consistent level of support and exposure to educational opportunities offered at our facility through our staff.

“ARBI has been supporting student placements for the SAIT Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant program for many years. What an opportunity for students to practice a wide range of skills in a supportive and caring environment! Not only does the ARBI staff work together to provide the best experiences and opportunities for the student, they are also incredible role models for demonstrating a caring and compassionate approach to clients. Student feedback on their placement experiences at ARBI has always been positive. A perfect place to see client-centered care in action!”

Nancy Pullan, Practicum Instructor, Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


Our Partners Include

“The Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary is proud to be a long-standing partner with the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI).

“Each term, ARBI generously offers our senior kinesiology practicum students a chance to gain invaluable hands-on learning prior to graduation. Students have the opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into practice for professional growth and development under the guidance of qualified on-site professionals.

“Upon completion of their placement, students often comment on the professionalism and commitment that is consistently shown to both themselves and the clients at ARBI. They enter the placement with very little knowledge about what is involved with providing rehabilitative programming to individuals with severe acquired brain injury and leave the placement with not only new knowledge, but a deeper insight into the spirit and tenacity of individuals with this type of injury.

“During the practicum summary sessions at the end of the academic term, students talk about how much they’ve enjoyed their placement and how the experience at ARBI was one of the best of their entire undergraduate degree.

“It is the mentorship of individuals such as Wendy Daitch and May Mendoza that makes this instrumental learning possible for our students. Their consistent patience, understanding and gentle, caring approach is indicative of why students flourish during their placement at ARBI.”

Monika Del Rizzo, Practicum and Career Advisor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

For more information please contact:

Erica Bell

Main Line: (403) 242-7116
Email: volunteer@arbi.ca

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