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An average of 107 volunteers give of their time weekly to improve the lives of brain injury survivors, a selfless act that reflects the heart of our community.

ARBI’s unique approach ensures clients receive high quality care to meet their individual needs. This is achieved with a blend of professional therapists, rehabilitation staff and volunteers working together to deliver rehabilitation in a community setting. Each client is assessed, goals are identified and a personalized rehabilitation program is developed by the team that implements the program with the support of volunteers.

Volunteers receive ongoing support as they work diligently with survivors to improve their quality of life. The results: incredible relationships are formed and lives change forever.

Our volunteers are recruited through various sources and come from all walks of life. Their reasons for volunteering are as varied as the individuals themselves. This is an ideal opportunity for individuals working from home, employed part-time, retired, semi-retired, with a flexible work schedule or students planning to enter medically related fields.

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are physically able to implement the exercise portions of the program for one-on-one therapy
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Are willing to commit at least nine months to make life better for a brain injury survivor
  • Are available one weekday from 9:00-11:30 a.m. or 1:00-3:30 p.m.
  • We also welcome volunteers for our group programs, which require less physical involvement. A variety of groups run throughout the week. Volunteers may choose the group based on its focus or by the time that suits their schedule. Please refer to the Community Integration Program page for more information about the groups. Contact us for more information about the requirements of each group as well as the availability of volunteer positions in each group.

For more information please contact:

Wendy Daitch

Main Line: (403) 242-7116


ARBI is accredited by the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) for its unique rehabilitation program that blends professionals and volunteers.

ARBI is also a member of Propellus (formerly Volunteer Calgary), Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) and Volunteer Alberta.

Volunteers sustain our programs. In 2017-18, 177 volunteers dedicated 8,449 hours to ARBI.

2017 - 2018 Volunteers


Siena Achal
Gillian Ackland
Bola Adebisi-Akinbile
Liz Ambedian
Brynn Anderson
Kyle Angeli
Anjali Arora
Henry Arsenault
Kim Ascano


Jessica Banawa
Chris Banman
Shama Bath
Diane Beattie
Renee Bernard
David Boone
Vivian Boone
Cheryl Bourne
Sabreena Braich
Olivia Burick
Kelsey Burkart
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation Practicum
Jan Byrne
Randy Byrne


Calgary Quest School: The Green Room Class
Colin Chan
Kelly Chan
Joyce Chan
Vivian W. Chan
Wesley Chau
Teresa Cheung
Avneet Chohan
Mary Chow
Tyler Chudiak
Jasmine Cload
Kate Copp
Julie Cormack
Angela Craig
Ken Ctng
Hailey Cyr


Lauren Daley
Laura Davidson
Brooke Dempsey
Morgan Dick
Nicole Diego
University of Alberta Masters of Science Occupational Therapy: Observation PlacementKaitlyn Dionne
Tanya Doerr
Leah Dous
Maria Victoria Duaz Pena
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation PracticumKent Duthie


Jonathan Elbaz
Nadia Eljerbi
Jeanie Els
University of Alberta Masters of Science Physiotherapy Practicum Placement


Randy Fowler
Taylor Fraser
Erik Fraunberger
Deanna French
Sue Frerichs
Anita Fulton
Barbara Funk


Terry Gilbert
Damneet Gill
Ross Gilker
Charmaine Gimenez
Terry Ginther
Adrianna Giuffre
Heather Giuffre
Christina Giuffre
Allyson Gjos
University of Alberta Masters of Science, Speech-Language Pathology: Observation PlacementSalome Gonzalez
Christine Goett
Deven Goett
Pat Goett
Brittney Grant
Curtis Grieb
Rose Gruber
Lily Guan
Suraj Gurung


Darrell Haase
Steve Hager
Izen Hamad
Steven Hamilton
Pam Han
Lori Hansen
Tim Harding
Julia Harrison
Lori Hart
Brynn Havinga
Alex Hayvren
Allan Hicks
Munzhineal Hinola
Mount Royal University Adapted Physical Activity Program Practicum PlacementSean Hoang
Alexandra Holmes
Lorn Howes
Lana Hundal
Brandy Hunter


Dominic Igbelina
Jessica Izquierdo


Jennifer James
Ji-Eun Jeong
Madison Jerhoff
Zain Jessa
Marie Joaquin
Matt Joel
Jonathan Johnson
Travis Jozwiak


Gagan Kailey
Seema Kamal
Robert Knipe
Anagh Katyayan
Jaspreet Kaur
Alexa Keeling
Roujan Khaledan
Kathryn Khusardeo
Anna Kim
Gagan Klair
Kaylee Knox
Mia Koegler
Tristan Kondo
Margaret Kosa
Brent Kraus


Daniel La Lac
Lonny Ladouceur
Janet Larsen
Denise Lawson
Justin Lin
Marisa Lou
Trevor Low
Shona Lowe


Susan MacAulay
Megan MacLean
Colin Magnusson
Bruce Mahon
Hassan Majeed
Chris Manion
Caitlin Manktelow
Leanne Markowsky
Annie Marshall
Micaela Mauthner
Linda Mason
Carl McDonald
Laurie McDonald
Teresa McDougall
Michael McLaren-Gradinaru
Quinn McLellan
Brent McMillin
Meghan Meger
Bijan Mohamed
Andy Moon
Brianna Morton
Bruce Murray


Farwa Naqvi
Kristof Nagy
Mary Ellen Neilson
Ken Ng
Michelle Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen
Laurel Nichol
Rachael Nicholls
Inia Nitituik
Rosalyn Nykolichuk
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation Practicum


Abigail Olotu
Joy Onyeanuna
Darrell Osadchuk
Arnie Ostapovitch
Mary Anne Ostapovitch


Trevor Penford
Milena Petrovic
Margo Phillips
Michelle Poire Guillen
Arash Pour-Ahmadi
Anna Prokusheva
Monika Profeta
Medicine Hat College Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Observation PracticumAndrea Prado
Medicine Hat College Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Observation PracticumEmily Puch



Lynn Reardon
Colin Rey
Israel Reyes
Salma Rezk
Valerie te Riele
Medicine Hat College Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Practicum PlacementKandace Robinson
Robin Rosentreter
University of Alberta Masters of Science, Speeci-Language Pathology: Observation PlacementShrianne Ryan
Chantal Rytz


Yaira Sanchez
Cristina Santamaria-Plaza
Hazel Scavberg
Morgan Schaeffer
Cassidy Schulz
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation PracticumToshiro Sembo
Maureen Scott
Mariya Shtil
Bruce Shultz
John Sidhu
Merissa Sigfusson
Vanessa Sim
Julia St. Amand
Don Staus
Judy Stawnychko
Fiona Steedman
Bob Steele
Pat Steele
Jenna Swiatkowski
Bow Valley College Disabilities Studies Program Practicum Placement


Maurice Tadros
Rafael Tenebro
Anna Thacker
Jeff Thomson
Rob Timms
Stephanie Tkachyk-McClocklin
Lambros Tsaprailis
Othello Tuason
Wing Tsang – Yuan



Paris Vakil
Sara Valentine
Toni Vandenbrink
Dennis Vu


Doug Webb
Vic Weibe
Sandy Welter
Meg Whiteley
Jena Whiteside
Megan Willerth
Riki Winkler
Michelle Wong



Nicola Yee
Faye Yu


Sebastian Zanghellini-Silva
Meghan Zvaigzne

My experience as an ARBI volunteer has brought me many valuable experiences, however, the most important thing ARBI brought me was the opportunity to really get to know the clients and they approach the rehabilitation experience. Over the years I have had the fortune of working with six very different clients and it was a truly valuable experience to see how each of them approached their time at ARBI in their own individual way. I had the opportunity to work with clients who were optimistic, humorous and excited to be a part of the ARBI community and some that were eager to get their exercises done, recover and graduate. But what was common across all the individuals I worked with was that each of them was very determined to make a change in their lives. Seeing and experiencing the gradual change week by week was truly a surreal experience and one that I am unlikely to have again as a physician (15 seconds per patient is not enough time to get to know someone). In my future career as a physician, I will work with many individuals with brain injuries and I am relieved to know that after they leave the hospital, they can still do their rehabilitation in the caring and capable hands of the staff and volunteers at ARBI.

Here at ARBI, I have had the honour of working with many clients. I have learned that a disability does not define individuals and they work hard to adapt physically and cognitively in improving quality of life. They say that it isn’t about how you get knocked down but rather how you get back up, and the same analogy applies here where these individuals are on their way of getting back up.

To volunteer at ARBI is, to me, being engaged in a very special shared human experience. Volunteers, of course, give the gift of their time, and with that a caring responsibility, a desire to help, a willingness to learn, community commitment, and especially patience.

For my time at ARBI that experience means a few hours most weeks during the summer when I help out with the gardening group. Together my client and I feel the soil, push the seeds deep into the black dirt, pour water over our prospective growth while watching the tiny vegetable seedlings stretch their new wings out of the soil’s darkness. We both get excited when colourful blossoms of the flowers start to open and share their radiant beauty, and in early fall when the bountiful harvest (not eaten by rabbits) is shared amongst all.

To be engaged is to be part of that client’s day for a few minutes or for a few hours and by doing so, offering respite to the client’s regular caregiver. To share in friendship through conversation that can take many forms – words, a “thumbs-up,” a hug, a smile, a long drawn out and purposefully focused breathy sound, a touch of confidence on the arm, a slightly raised eyebrow, an enlightened gaze, or even learning a few words in not-your-own language.

When I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with a client, the physical and language activity could be perceived as routine or highly repetitive, but there were times when the client would ride that bicycle a few more rotations, take a longer stride down the hallway, extend their arm a little bit further, or want to practice that phrase again and again and again. These are cherished moments of smiles.

What I have learned most of all while volunteering at ARBI is the incredible strength of spirit that carries the ARBI clients forward, even a little bit, every day. And that strength of spirit, well, that’s a beautiful human experience, that I think is shared throughout ARBI.

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