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There and Back Again

“Lori Hart was only 25 years old when doctors discovered a brain tumour and gave her six months to live. Following life-saving surgery in 1986, Lori suffered a brain hemorrhage that required further surgery. Lori was left with a severe…

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Volunteer Sam, And Rehabilitation Assistant Agie

Volunteer Voices

We sat down with Sam (pictured above on the left with ARBI Rehabilitation Assistant Agie), one of our wonderful volunteers, to ask her a bit about her experience at ARBI. What are you doing right now? School? Where and what…

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Learning to walk again

Two weeks ago our client Doreen couldn't last more than 5min on a treadmill. Today (after a lot of hard work) she broke 10min on the treadmill and we couldn't be more proud! Well done!     Doreen Walking from…

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Donor Profile

Giving: A Way of Life at TELUS #GiveWhereWeLive is not a label, fancy moniker or tag line. It is a belief system, a culture, a way of life. For TELUS, these words are woven into their corporate fabric – and…

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