Community Integration Program (CIP)

A person in a wheelchair planting some flowers.
A man standing a looking at a planter box full of plants.

Reconnection to Meaningful Interactions

The Community Integration Program (CIP) offers meaningful recreational and social opportunities for clients in group and one-to-one settings. Facilitated by ARBI’s recreation therapists, these virtual and face-to-face sessions take place at our facilities or out within the community. The CIP program serves both current and former clients of our On-Site Program and offers life skills training and recreational opportunities.

ARBI hosts a variety of interactive groups to appeal to a wide range of clients with diverse interests. Whether it be cooking up a new dish in the Community Kitchen or creating a beautiful masterpiece in the Wildflower Arts Centre—clients are sure to find an activity to enjoy.

A sample of ARBI’s Community Integration Program include:

  • Community Kitchen
  • Art Classes
  • Woodshop
  • Exercise Group
  • Music Group
  • Golfing
  • Gardening
Two people sitting at a table talking a laughing.

400,000 Canadians

400,000 Canadians are living with long-term disability from stroke and in the next two decades the number of people living with long-term stroke disability will increase by 80% to 726,000.

Two people, one sitting in a chair and one in a wheelchair cutting a cake together.


80% of people who have a stroke have restrictions on their daily activities.

“The programs offered through ARBI have significantly contributed to Harvey’s recovery from his stroke. The staff and volunteers have always made him feel as if he was part of a large family. Pre-Covid Harvey looked forward to the weekly programs like group walks, golfing, and cooking. Since Covid he has learned new computer skills by participating in zoom calls. These programs enable Harvey to stay positive and provide him the incentive to participate and engage with others like him at ARBI. Thank you ARBI!”

Brenda, Sister of Harvey (ARBI Client)