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You – ARBI’s community – were part of a defining year in our history. We saw the end of a 30-year funding relationship with United Way of Calgary, where ARBI’s work rehabilitating survivors of brain injury no longer aligned with UWCA’s strategic priorities of mental health and prevention. This amounted to 12% of our overall budget – $325,000 – that had to be recovered. One of the very first things ARBI did was to find efficiencies in our service delivery and reduce our administrative cost structure. In addition, ARBI greatly improved its visibility and strengthened its relationship with the provincial government; resulting in a $400,000 Sustainability Grant and the opportunity to deliver a report to the government on the status of service delivery for brain injury survivors.

Amidst these challenges, ARBI continued to improve services to brain injury survivors and their families, implementing a major shift in our programming model to better address client needs, and strengthening partnerships with other service providers in the community. ARBI remains true to its nature – a place of hope and transformation for clients and families struggling with brain injury, including stroke. This philosophy has never changed; and as we journey through our 40th year it won’t change.

The following report highlights ARBI’s 2018 fiscal year. What’s important to note is your contribution throughout these highlights – whether that was your contribution of time, treasure or talent, we could not have had the successful, transformative year that we did without your dedication and passion.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mary Ellen Neilson
Executive Director

Fast Facts


Revenue 2017-2018 Revenue Fundraising Fundraising 37% Alberta Community and Socia Services 20% Alberta Health Services 16% Facility - Gift In Kind 16% United Way of Calgary and Area 8% Fee for Service 2% Other 2% Revenue

Donut chart showing 7 Revenue sources.


Expenses 2017-2018 Expenses Program 73% Facility 18% Admin 9% Expenses

Donut chart showing 3 Expense sources.

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ArtBi/Wildfower Art Program
Bud’s Exercise Group
Community Kitchen
Gardening Group
Golf Group
Music Group
Walking Group
Woodshop Group


Intensive Rehabilitation
On-site Aphasia Group
ARBI 101


Intensive Rehabilitation
Outreach Aphasia Group

Caregiver Support Group

Client Stories

Swinging through the good times

Community Initiative Program’s Golf Group is all about building endurance, improving golf skills, becoming more independent, and having fun!! This is the second season in the golf group for Terry and Harvey, but the first season for Charlie and Pam. It’s neat to see their teamwork put to use and how they help each other throughout the day. Whether its words of encouragement, laughter, or helping with the balls and tees, the Group works together for a successful golf game each week!

On lemons and lemonaid

“Before my accident when I was 24, I had been living in Didsbury on my own in a basement suite. I had a boyfriend who lived in Edmonton. I was extremely happy. I was young, I figured I was invincible. I had a job supporting a girl who has Down’s Syndrome. Her name is Nicole and she was fun to work with. The day of our accident, we were delivering the Coffee News as always. As we were driving through the intersection we were T-boned by a truck. Luckily, Nicole didn’t get hurt, because she had been sleeping in the back seat, but I was the one who was very badly hurt. Because of this, my life TURNED upside down.


Those that give selflessly of their time.


Siena Achal
Gillian Ackland
Bola Adebisi-Akinbile
Liz Ambedian
Brynn Anderson
Kyle Angeli
Anjali Arora
Henry Arsenault
Kim Ascano


Jessica Banawa
Chris Banman
Shama Bath
Diane Beattie
Renee Bernard
David Boone
Vivian Boone
Cheryl Bourne
Sabreena Braich
Olivia Burick
Kelsey Burkart
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation Practicum
Jan Byrne
Randy Byrne


Calgary Quest School: The Green Room Class
Colin Chan
Kelly Chan
Joyce Chan
Vivian W. Chan
Wesley Chau
Teresa Cheung
Avneet Chohan
Mary Chow
Tyler Chudiak
Jasmine Cload
Kate Copp
Julie Cormack
Angela Craig
Ken Ctng
Hailey Cyr


Lauren Daley
Laura Davidson
Brooke Dempsey
Morgan Dick
Nicole Diego
University of Alberta Masters of Science Occupational Therapy: Observation PlacementKaitlyn Dionne
Tanya Doerr
Leah Dous
Maria Victoria Duaz Pena
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation PracticumKent Duthie


Jonathan Elbaz
Nadia Eljerbi
Jeanie Els
University of Alberta Masters of Science Physiotherapy Practicum Placement


Randy Fowler
Taylor Fraser
Erik Fraunberger
Deanna French
Sue Frerichs
Anita Fulton
Barbara Funk


Terry Gilbert
Damneet Gill
Ross Gilker
Charmaine Gimenez
Terry Ginther
Adrianna Giuffre
Heather Giuffre
Christina Giuffre
Allyson Gjos
University of Alberta Masters of Science, Speech-Language Pathology: Observation PlacementSalome Gonzalez
Christine Goett
Deven Goett
Pat Goett
Brittney Grant
Curtis Grieb
Rose Gruber
Lily Guan
Suraj Gurung


Darrell Haase
Steve Hager
Izen Hamad
Steven Hamilton
Pam Han
Lori Hansen
Tim Harding
Julia Harrison
Lori Hart
Brynn Havinga
Alex Hayvren
Allan Hicks
Munzhineal Hinola
Mount Royal University Adapted Physical Activity Program Practicum PlacementSean Hoang
Alexandra Holmes
Lorn Howes
Lana Hundal
Brandy Hunter


Dominic Igbelina
Jessica Izquierdo


Jennifer James
Ji-Eun Jeong
Madison Jerhoff
Zain Jessa
Marie Joaquin
Matt Joel
Jonathan Johnson
Travis Jozwiak


Gagan Kailey
Seema Kamal
Robert Knipe
Anagh Katyayan
Jaspreet Kaur
Alexa Keeling
Roujan Khaledan
Kathryn Khusardeo
Anna Kim
Gagan Klair
Kaylee Knox
Mia Koegler
Tristan Kondo
Margaret Kosa
Brent Kraus


Daniel La Lac
Lonny Ladouceur
Janet Larsen
Denise Lawson
Justin Lin
Marisa Lou
Trevor Low
Shona Lowe


Susan MacAulay
Megan MacLean
Colin Magnusson
Bruce Mahon
Hassan Majeed
Chris Manion
Caitlin Manktelow
Leanne Markowsky
Annie Marshall
Micaela Mauthner
Linda Mason
Carl McDonald
Laurie McDonald
Teresa McDougall
Michael McLaren-Gradinaru
Quinn McLellan
Brent McMillin
Meghan Meger
Bijan Mohamed
Andy Moon
Brianna Morton
Bruce Murray


Farwa Naqvi
Kristof Nagy
Mary Ellen Neilson
Ken Ng
Michelle Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen
Laurel Nichol
Rachael Nicholls
Inia Nitituik
Rosalyn Nykolichuk
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation Practicum


Abigail Olotu
Joy Onyeanuna
Darrell Osadchuk
Arnie Ostapovitch
Mary Anne Ostapovitch


Trevor Penford
Milena Petrovic
Margo Phillips
Michelle Poire Guillen
Arash Pour-Ahmadi
Anna Prokusheva
Monika Profeta
Medicine Hat College Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Observation PracticumAndrea Prado
Medicine Hat College Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Observation PracticumEmily Puch



Lynn Reardon
Colin Rey
Israel Reyes
Salma Rezk
Valerie te Riele
Medicine Hat College Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Practicum PlacementKandace Robinson
Robin Rosentreter
University of Alberta Masters of Science, Speeci-Language Pathology: Observation PlacementShrianne Ryan
Chantal Rytz


Yaira Sanchez
Cristina Santamaria-Plaza
Hazel Scavberg
Morgan Schaeffer
Cassidy Schulz
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant Program: Observation PracticumToshiro Sembo
Maureen Scott
Mariya Shtil
Bruce Shultz
John Sidhu
Merissa Sigfusson
Vanessa Sim
Julia St. Amand
Don Staus
Judy Stawnychko
Fiona Steedman
Bob Steele
Pat Steele
Jenna Swiatkowski
Bow Valley College Disabilities Studies Program Practicum Placement


Maurice Tadros
Rafael Tenebro
Anna Thacker
Jeff Thomson
Rob Timms
Stephanie Tkachyk-McClocklin
Lambros Tsaprailis
Othello Tuason
Wing Tsang – Yuan



Paris Vakil
Sara Valentine
Toni Vandenbrink
Dennis Vu


Doug Webb
Vic Weibe
Sandy Welter
Meg Whiteley
Jena Whiteside
Megan Willerth
Riki Winkler
Michelle Wong



Nicola Yee
Faye Yu


Sebastian Zanghellini-Silva
Meghan Zvaigzne

Adrianna, Christina, Heather Giuffre - ARBI volunteers

What does volunteering and ARBI mean to each of you?
What we love most about volunteering at ARBI is the privilege to develop a therapeutic relationship with a client. We have all been profoundly inspired by our clients’ determination and motivation. At the end of each day, we leave feeling so fulfilled and proud.

The following was a lovely card – and donation – by Jennifer James, a wonderful volunteer at ARBI for the past two years:

“Last week I entered a contest regarding The 50th anniversary of The Calgary Tower. The Eye Opener radio program at the CBC was inviting people to share their memories of the “Tower”. I wrote in and told a story about my Dad. If you submitted a story, your name was “put in the hat” for the draw last Friday. I was lying in bed when they announced my name as the winner and they read my story. I won a $100 gift certificate for the revolving restaurant at the “Tower” (YEAH!). My family will certainly enjoy the gift certificate but I would like to pay it forward by making an equal donation to ARBI. So… please accept my cheque for $100.“


Those that give selflessly of their resources.


Kelly Abbott Church
Francis Abenojar
Laurel Adamson
AGAT Laboratories
Allard Foundation Ltd.
Elizabeth Ambedian
Lisa Amonson
Leonardo Amorim
Kim Anderson
Gloria Ang
Anonymous Fund at the Calgary Foundation
ARC Financial Corporation
Arctec Alloys Ltd
Arcuri Homes Inc.
Patricia Armstrong
ATB Financial
ATCO Power Canada Ltd.
James Atkinson
Lisa Attewell
Karen Ayers


Beverly Bach
Angela Bacon
Wes Bader
Mary Bailey
Dermot and Carole Baldwin
Lloyd Bartlett
Joan Batycki
Debbie Baylin
Melissa Baylin
Tracy Beairsto
Bearspaw Benevolent Foundation
Diane Beattie Darrell Haase
Britanny Beatty
Derek Bechthold
Irma Bejarano de Sandoval
Marianne Berrill
Trent Berstad
Edward and Bette Best
Derek Bevan
Winnie and Robert Bezemer
Florence Bigornia
Birks Family Foundation
Kathleen Black
Kathryn Blackburn
Brad Blair
Janet Blair
Robert Blair
Suzanne Blanchard
Ibolya Boda
Helen Bohan
Robert, Nevine and Stephen Booth
Angela Boston
Carolyn Bourget
Cheryl Bourne
Melissa Bourne
Veronica Bouvier
Britanny Brander
Megan Brett
Merlin and Gloria Brinkerhoff
Tanya Brinkerhoff and Curtis Wilberg
James Stephen Brown
Laurie Brown
Susan and Terry Brown
Terry and Michele Brown
Kenda Brunner
Herb Buist
Leslie Burger Pouliot
Judith Burgess
Kathleen Burgess
Shawna Burke-Martin
Mark Burzacott
Sara Bushnell
Lecia Buys
Carol Byler
Randall and Jan Byrne


Cadmus Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Calgary Flames Foundation
Gregg and Marney Callander
Brad Campbell
Donald and Marlene Campbell
Susan Campeau
Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen
Marnie Cardell
Rachel Carnell
Brandy Carnelli
Joanne Carnevale
Casadona Investments Corp
Ian Cathery
CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd.
Cenovus Employee Foundation
Deb Chalmers-Bushe
Patricia Chambers
Tanaquil Chantrill
Amanda and Michael Charron
Elyshia Cheung
Raj Sippy Chhina
Patricia Chlus
May Chou
Joelle Church
Megan Chwiecko
Domenic Cimino and Margaret Murdock
Catherine Cipriano Pinon Stern
Cynthia Clark
Kristin Clark
Tyler and Daneta Clark
Lisa Clarke
Classic LifeCare
Patti, Greg and David Clement
Paula Clements
Gena Cole
Patricia Cole
Collège Saint Christophe
Comfort Keepers
Greg Cook
Beverly Cormack
Julie Cormack
Silvana Corradetti
Mary Jane Corrigan
Cosmopolitan International Club of Calgary
Craig and Valerie Coulombe
Terry Craig
Tanya Crocker
Rob, Faye and Rachel Crooks
Francine Cross
Bob and Diane Croteau
Darryll and Deb Crowshoe
Bill Cunningham
Maude Cunningham
John Curle
Ron Cuthbertson


Robert and Wendy Daitch
Richard Dale
Kevin Danforth
Liz Daubney
Kathleen Davies
Barry Davy
George and Janet de Boon
Jessica de Nooij
Celsa De Sa
Lynda deForest
Aimee Demers
Vicki Dennis
Jennifer Derzaph (Wills)
Sarah Dezall
Gabriela Diaz de Trow
Leah Dickie
Cam Dickson
Mariena Dixon
Loretta Dobbelsteyn
Rose Doenz
Leela Domingo
Danielle Donovan
Ron and Lou Doornbos
Lisa Downs
Rory Drabble
Susan Dreager
Luc Duguay
Michelle Durant
Emmanuel Duvette
Heinz Dyck
Chelsie Dykstra


Kathy Edmison
Linda Edwards
Wendy Ell
Peggy and Gord Enemark
Lesley Ewing
Stacy Ewing
Ex Nihilo Vineyards


Alan Facey
John Fahie
Lisa Falkowsky
Debbie Farand
Dean Fedechko
Darlene Fedyna
Kent Fenwick
Michelle Ferguson
Roxanne Ferner
Jannette Festival
Karen Filbert
Murray Fitch and Sari Martin
Heather Flanagan
Zanna Flude
Arthur Fopma
Dale Forbes
Gordon Forbes
Colleen Fortuna
Jacqueline Fouchard
Randy Fowler
Annette Frances Timm
FranNet of Western Canada


Brenda Gair
Penny Gamble
Saira Gangji
Sheri Genge
Genstar Development Partnership
Gerald Yeung Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Sherry and Ellise Geremia
Rebecca Ghelfi
Christine Giancarlo
John Peter Giannoccaro
Deborah Gibson
Terry Gilbert
Robert Gilchrist and Deborah Wheeler-Gilchrist
Rachel Gilker
Ross and Theresa Gilker
Annick Giradin
Adrianna Giuffre
Anthony Giuffre
Patricia Glenn
Elena Golemme and Scovino Immacolata
Carlos and Ana Gollega
Carrie Gour
Government of Alberta
James Gray
Jennifer Gray
Linda Gray
Great Western Interiors
Marie-Louise Greene
Kelly Grey
Curtis Grieb
Carolyn Griffiths Borotra
Glynis Grigg
Jo-Ann Groten
Lorraine Grover
Grover Law Firm
Len Grzyb
John Guderyan
Blythe Gunn


Alida Hagemeyer
Forrest Hagen
Steve and Michael Hager
Bob Hagerman
Janet Hails
Allison Hakomaki and Bill Moore
Carol Hall
Megan Hallam
Robert Hallett and Anne Sorbie
Darlene Halwas
Duncan Hamilton
Thomas Hamilton
Tim and Lindsey Hamilton
Christine Hann
Murray Hanna and Janice Tye
Sharon Hapton
Jeannine Harlton
Christine Harnett
Jennifer Harris
Lori Hart
Rhonda Hart
Peter Hawkes
Hb Consultants
Brenda Heater
Wendy Heidebrecht-Jossa
Steve Heintz
Al Henderson
Dave Henderson
Kathleen Henderson
Jeannie Henke
Joanne Henke
Andrea Henry
Ken Hewitt
Noreen Hewko-Garon
Shannon Hewlko
Highfield Investment Group Inc.
Carolyn Hiles
Carol Hinds
Darren Hinks
Colleen Hogan
Nikki Holden
Yashuk Holly
Anthony Hollyoak
Christina Holmes
Mark Hopkins
Susan Horner
Christine Hourd
Marilyn Houston
Lorn and Kathleen Howes
Rob Howes
Lenore and Kelly Howey
Gordon and Linda Hoy
Mary Jane Hoy
Megan Hughesman
Coral Hulse
Debbie Hunt
Lynda Hunt
Brandy Hunter
Sara Hunter
Darlene Hutchison
Deb Hymers


Julia Ichikawa
Erika Innes


Suzanne Jackett and Heather Obray
Sandy Jaeger
James D Tocher Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Carol Jaquish
Larry Jarrett
Jennifer Jellema
Theresa Jenkins
Nassim Jessa
David Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
Jill Johnston
Afa Jomaa
David Jones
Len and Ann Jones
Melanie Julian


Sharon Kaczkowski
Wilfred and Marilyn Kaiser
Beth and Vic Kalutich
Minaz Kassam
Jason Katchmer
Eldon and Kim Kearl
Keelan Developments Ltd.
Julian Khan
Ervin Kimak and Catherine Heimbach
Kinsmen Club of the Stampede City
Sheila Kinzel
Diane Klatzel
Andreas Kneubuhler
Robert Knipe
Misty Kolozetti
Eva Komers
John Konczynski
Phyllis Konrad
Patricia Korpi
Dawn Kosloski
Allan Kostanuick
Dion Kostiuk
Marie Kowal
Melissa Kowal
Stacey Kowbel
Brent Kraus
Gail and Mel Ksienski
Ruth Kujat
Uma Kumar
Terrance Kutryk
Anne Kuykendall


Jeanette Laaning
Brenda Lacey
Jane Lafave
Gloria Laing
Ralph and Carol Lane
Andrea Lanyi
Alison Lapczuk
Larch Fund – The Calgary Foundation
Cory Larson
Roseanne Lasig
Kelty Latos
Karla Lausen
Kelly Laverty
Jim and Denise Lawson
Gordon Laycraft
Le Chateau Custom Homes Ltd.
Joan Lee
Stephen Lee
Anila Lee Yuen (Umar)
Jim Kemp and Brenda Lee-Kemp
Linda Lemmon
Christine Leong
Nancy Lever
Sigrid Lewicki
Colleen Lewis
Annie Li
Tadeusz and Margaret Lichwa
Steve Liddle
Carrie Ling
Shelly Listhaeghe
Litwiniuk & Company
Elaine Lloyd
Jim Lloyd
Ralph and Joanne Lloyd
Karen Lobello
Patrick and Mary-Anne Loftus
Joyce Lokanc
Elizabeth Long
James and Beverley Lough
Shannon Love
Joanna Low
Candace Lupescu
Matthew Lyle
Mike and Mathleen Lynch
Chris Lypaczewski


Deyelle MacDonald
Heather and John MacDonald
Ken and Carol MacDonald
Marnie MacDonald-Hodge
Chridstine Mack-Granger
Ed Mackle
Calvin Macquarrie
Mike MacRae
Bruce and Cathie Mahon
Ian Mallory
Jeannette Mandrusiak
Manpreet Mani
Harlene Mann
Colena Manning
Donald Robert Margach
Joe Marino
Steve and Brenda Maruk
Linda Mason
Jana Masters
Maunders McNeil Foundation
Peter and Evelyne Mauro
Susan Maxner
Lee and Christena May
Sylvia McConnell
Sheila McConney
Kathy McCormick
Nora McCracken
Cheryl McCreary
Dan, Frances and Sara McDonald
Daniel and Dorothy McDonald
Rod McFadyen
Pat McInnis
Debra McIntyre
Kim McKay
Mary McKeown
Laurie McKerracher
McKinley Masters Custom Homes
Pamela McLeod
Martin McManus
Elaine and Ian McMurtrie
Rob and Wendy McNaughton
Garth McNeill
Pamela McNulty
Bruce and Iris McVean
Bryan Meaden
Meghan Meger
Linda Meidert
Bruce Meisner
Jennifer Meisner
Kayla Meisner
Rylee Meisner
Joddi Melan
Colleen Metge
Robert and Michele Michaleski
Lee Michayluk
Ian Milnes
Catherine Misener
Geraldine Moon
Judi Morris
Maureen Motter-Hodgson
Gary and Cheryl Mummery
Bruce and Kim Murray


Lyn Nan
Nicky Nash
National Bank of Canada
Heidi and Brianna Naud
Arun Nayak
Paul and Margaret Nazarchuk
Lindsay Nealon
Mary Ellen Neilson and Harold Grieb
Lucinda Neufeld
Nexen Inc.
Darren Noren
Brenda Nugent


Fay Oakes
Oakmont Custom Builders Ltd.
James & Leone O’Byrne
Michelle O’Grady
Catherine Oliver
Marianne Olsen
Dan O’Neil
Optimist Club of Calgary
Adrienne O’Reilly
Andrea Ostapovitch
Mary Anne, Arnie, Sylvia and Katherine Ostapovitch
Lara Osterreicher
Carol Oxtoby and Doug Howland


Allyson Palaschuk
Christy Parker
John and Carol Part
Sarah and Mike Pasquesi
Pattison Sign Group
David Patton
Carrie Paxson
Richard Paxton
Melanie Peacock
Annabelle Pearson
Patti Peck
Silke Pedersen
Trevor and Margaret Penford
Julia Penner
Susan Penny
Andrew Phillips
Larry Picco
Susan Pieri
Madalena Pinto
Pioneer Carpet Cleaners Ltd.
Lorelei Elizabeth Piotto
Kimber Pipella
Tara Pipella
Kara Plett
Polina Polukarova
Valeen Pon
Margraet Porisky
Shauna Poyhia
PrairieSky Royalty Ltd
Prelude Travel Inc.
Beverly and George Priftis
Cheryl Probert
Profiles of Distinction Magazine
Kathy Prosser
Katherine Puls
Fred and Cheryl Pynn
Bob Pysar


Nicole Quinlan
Samara Quinton


Kent Racz
Linda Ramescu
Lynne and David Ramsvig
Phillip and Ann Read
Georgina Reardon and Alain Claireaux
Angela Reddy
Catherine Reeder
Jaylene Rehn
Jaclyn Reid
Wendy Reid
Peggy Reimer
Rachel Rex
Paula Richardson
Harvey Riczu
Ridgeback Resources Inc.
Marilyn Riegel
Jane Robarts
Amanda Robertson
Joanne and Scott Robertson
Christy Robson
Margaret Rodway
Melissa Rojas
Rolling Mix Concrete LLP
Robyn Romano
Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown
Rotary Club of Calgary Sarcee
Rotary Club of Calgary South
Christina Rowsell (Smith)
Royal Canadian Legion – Alberta No. 1 Branch
Jane Royer
Shelley Rutledge


Jawad Sagheer
Mitsuko Sakamoto
Janet Salopek
Yaira Sanchez
Carrie Sanders
Sannio Holdings Ltd.
Carol Sauer
Jim Saunders and Glenda Nystuen
Susan Saurette
Jerome and Joan Schafer
Doreen Scheidt
Sharon Schille
Sheena Schindle
Sigrid Schmidt
Leandra Schrag
Margot Schulman
Cathy Schultz Poelzer
Scotiabank Calgary Marathon
Susan Scullion
B.K Sekar
Melissa Setiawan
1976)Ltd. Shaganappi Motors
Umar Shahid
Shelley Shank
Sharlow Consulting Inc.
Sharon Shore Realty Inc.
Robert and Barbara Shaunessy
Shaunessy Family Foundation
Stephanie Shaver
Sheila McIntosh & Phil Ireland Family Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Keith and Maureen Shields
Bruce Shultz
Shultz Family Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Steve Shutt
Larry Siebold
Teresa and Steven Siebold
Tobi Siegersma
Monika Siegmund Savage
Gerhard Silvis
Reid Simonton
Ron and Joyce Sirup
Linda and Peter Small
Russell Small
Trevor Smandych
Victoria Smith
Anna Sokolowski
Debra Solberg
Margaret Southern
Dwayne Sparks
Traci Sparling
Jessica Spicer
Julie Spink
SPM-Riders Moto Club
Stampede Toyota
Megan Stanley (Armstrong)
Gary and Margaret Starko
Judy and John Stawnychko
Dave Steadman
Margaret Steel
Bob and Pat Steele
Sheralee Stelter
Kelly Stenabaugh
Gabriela Stevenson
Kelly Stienwand
Claudette Marie and Robert Stiven
Mavis Stokes
Janet Storey
Cathleen Strand
Donna Strang
Sheila Summers
Suncor Energy Foundation
Dianne Sundvall
Susan Klein Memorial Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary


Gord and Liz Tarras
Cassia Tayler
Duane Tayler
Mikassa Tayler
Sharlene Tayler
Brenlee Taylor
Doug and Kelli Taylor
Lisa Taylor
Louise Taylor
Sylvia and Kenneth Teare
Ted and Enid Jansen Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Telus Corporation
Edward Temple
Stacey Tessier
The Arthur J. E. Child Foundation
The Calgary Foundation
The Downtown Sports Clinics
The Ed Stelmach Community Foundation
The Gale Family Charitable Foundation
The Philip and Harriet Libin Family Foundation
The Tuscan Benevolent Society
Wayne Thomas
John Thompson
Tirpak Charitable Foundation
Nancy Todd
Heather Tomlinson
Kelly Tomyn
TransCanada Pipelines Corporation
Beth Trawick
Susan Tumback
Katie Turner
Lindsay Tyler


UCT Charities
Sheila Ung-Datta
United Commercial Travellers
United Way – Winnipeg, Manitoba
United Way of Calgary and Area
United Way of Greater Toronto
University of Alberta


Suzan Valenta
Sara Valentine
Rebecca Van Ginkel Leong
Lisa Van Hemert
Leontine Van Leeuwen-Atki
Doug Vanbeselaere
Sarah Vanderveen
Dory Vandonzel-Magnan
Janet Vellutini
Dianne Verscheure
Katrina Veysey
Viewpoint Charitable Foundation
Jean Francois Vigneau
Kathryn Vincent
Jephson and Julie Virtue
Victor and Bonnie Vogel
Gerry Volponi


Bee Wah Lau
Mark Walker
Walsh Falkenberg Fund at the Calgary Foundation
Susan Walters
Judy Walton
Karen Watmough
Watson Family Foundation at the Calgary Foundation
Nigel Way
Judy Weaver
Doug and Janeen Webb
Brenda Weiss
Brenda Welsh
Deb Wesche
Hartwick Wiehler
Janet Willoughby
Rebecca Wilson
Darlene and Gail Windsor
Doug and Sandy Wishart
Jaime Wolfe
Wendy Wong
Dorothy Woolstencroft
Lorraine Worden
Workday Inc
Shirley Wormsbecker
Laura Woytiuk
Lois Wozney
John Wright
Ruth Wylie


Shaylee Zapata
Dennis and Susan Zentner
Earl Zumwalt
Cheryl Zvaigzne


Brian Yaworski
Doris Yi
Brenda Youck

The Kinsmen Club of the Stampede City has been a powerhouse of philanthropy in the Calgary community since 1964. This group of dedicated and passionate gentlemen has contributed well north of $50 million towards critical initiatives in the community. They do not `engage’ in philanthropy; they are philanthropy. Philanthropy is embedded in their DNA; and the essence of their existence is to `serve community’s greatest needs’.

When asked about collaborating on the Distinctive Women event that raised more than $17,000 in fall 2017, Franca Flaviano of Franca’s Italian Specialties, was more than eccitato! “Having the opportunity to work alongside ARBI for the Distinctive Women event was an extremely fulfilling and unique experience for me! I’m very grateful to all who attended and helped make the event the success it was. The amount of donations received is a testament to the phenomenal team and culture that ARBI has curated. Being able to see the impact ARBI has on the people they help was extremely inspiring and powerful. It is my personal goal to have customers arrive as guests and leave as family; I could not be happier with all of the new family members I gained from that evening. I look forward to many more collaborations to come! Mille grazie.”

Thank You

Audited Financial Statements

Stories through numbers


To the Members of Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured:


We have audited the accompanying financial statements of Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured, which comprise the statement of financial position as at March 31, 2018 and the statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows for the year then ended, and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information.

Management’s Responsibility for the Financial Statements

Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, and for such internal control as management determines is necessary to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.

Auditor’s Responsibility

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement.

An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.


In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured as at March 31, 2018 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.


Calgary, Alberta
June 4, 2018


as at March 31, 2018

2018 2017


Cash and cash equivalents $ 57,829 $ 64,566
Restricted cash 126,229 16,497
Short term investments (Note 3) 150,532 176,027
Accounts receivable 439,596 80,777
Goods and services tax recoverable 2,093 1,043
Prepaid expenses and deposits 1,509 13,257
777,788 352,167
Property and equipment (Note 4) 27,495 59,804
$ 805,283 $ 411,971

Liabilities and Net assets

Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $ 29,369 $ 66,556
Unearned revenue 82,980
29,369 149,536
Deferred contributions related to operations (Note 6) 459,575 26,224
Deferred contributions related to property and equipment (Note 7) 26,121 54,167
515,065 229,927
Net Assets
Invested in property and equipment 1,374 5,638
Internally restricted (Note 9) 150,000 75,000
Unrestricted 138,844 101,406
290,218 182,044
$ 805,283 $ 411,971


as at March 31, 2018
2018 2017


General donations and grants (Note 10) $ 1,333,261 $ 1,288,177
Alberta Community and Social Services
Community Integration/Volunteer Program 330,942 305,285
On site/CAPCC Program 184,656 184,656
Alberta Health Services 400,000 400,000
United Way of Calgary and Area 202,955 324,727
Fee for service 56,525 75,589
Recognition of deferred contributions related to property and equipment (Note 7) 28,046 37,176
Other revenue 13,251 11,319
Interest 3,258 839
2,552,894 2,627,768


Salaries and employee benefits
Program 1,709,927 1,873,686
Administrative 110,461 112,985
1,820,388 1,986,671
Program expenditures
Program support 56,233 39,932
Consultants 28,944 48,499
85,177 88,431
Rent and facility maintenance (Note 10) 400,000
Amortization of property and equipment 32,310 41,971
432,310 441,971
Office 76,056 93,014
Professional fees and memberships 17,989 22,824
Insurance 12,800 11,223
106,845 127,061
2,444,720 2,644,134
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses $ 108,174 $ (16,366)


as at March 31, 2018
Invested in property and equipment Internally restricted Unrestricted 2018 2017
Net assets – beginning of year $ 5,638 $ 75,000 $ 101,406 $ 182,044 $ 198,410
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses (4,264) 112,438 108,174 (16,366)
Interfund transfer (Note 9) 75,000 (75,000)
Net assets – end of year $ 1,374 $ 150,000 $ 138,844 $ 290,218 $ 182,044


as at March 31, 2018
2018 2017
Operating activities
Excess (deficiency) of revenue $ 108,174 $ (16,366)
Items not affecting cash:
Recognition of deferred contributions related to operations (213,157) (193,984)
Recognition of deferred contributions related to property and equipment (28,046) (37,176)
Amortization of property and equipment 32,310 41,971
(100,719) (205,555)
Changes in non-cash working capital:
Accounts receivable (358,819) 2,265
Goods services tax recoverable (1,050) 6,291
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities (37,187) 28,482
Unearned revenue (82,980) (4,452)
Prepaid expenses and deposits 11,747 (5,709)
Deferred contributions related to operations, received 646,423 194,595
178,134 221,472
Cash flows from operating activities 77,415 15,917
Investing activities
Redemption (acquisition) of short term investments 25,580 (2,321)
Acquisition of property and equipment (704)
Cash flow from (used by) investing activities 25,580 (3,025)
Increase in cash flows 102,995 12,892
Cash and cash equivalents – beginning of year 81,063 68,171
Cash and cash equivalents – end of year 184,058 81,063
Cash consists of:
Cash and cash equivalents $ 57,829 $ 64,566
Restricted cash 126,229 16,497
$ 184,058 $ 81,063



The Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (the “Association”) was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta on September 11, 1978 as a non-profit organization. It was formed for the purpose of providing long-term rehabilitation and hope for people who have survived the most severe brain injuries and strokes. The Association operates out of facilities provided by the Province of Alberta. The Association is a registered charity, and under Section 149(1) of the Income Tax Act is exempt from the payment of income taxes.



Short term investments are one year cashable guaranteed investment certificates with interest rates from 1.1% to 1.3% (2017 – 0.5%) per annum. These investments are internally restricted (Note 9). Externally restricted short term investment for the current year are $Nil (2017 – $101,027).



Cost Accumulated amortization 2018 Net book value
Furniture and equipment $ 429,171 $ 401,852 $ 27,319
Computer equipment 216,458 216,282 176
$ 645,629 $ 618,134 $ 27,495
Cost Accumulated amortization 2017 Net book value
Furniture and equipment $ 429,171 $ 370,070 $ 59,101
Computer equipment 216,458 215,755 703
$ 645,629 $ 585,825 $ 59,804



The Association is the beneficiary of an endowment fund held by The Calgary Foundation (the “Foundation”). The Foundation distributes an annual grant to the Association out of the income on the endowment. The current year’s distribution of $1,930 (2017: $1,888) is included with other income.



2018 2017
Balance – beginning of the year $ 26,224 $ 25,613
Contributions received during the year 646,508 194,595
Recognized as revenue during the year (213,157) (193,984)
Balance – end of the year $ 459,575 $ 25,613



A member of the finance committee is a principal of the organization that provides bookkeeping services for the participants. In the current year, $Nil (2017 – $14, 700) was charged for these services. These transactions were in the normal course of operations and had been valued at the exchange amount which was the amount of consideration established.


Donations in kind

Included in general donation revenue are gifts in kind of $402,408 (2017 – $402,074), including $400,000 (2017 – $400,000) for rent and facility maintenance. The rent and facility maintenance are reported at fair market value.



The Association’s financial instruments consist of cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, short term investments, accounts payable and accrued liabilities, all of which are reported at amortized cost. Due to their short term nature, the carrying value of these financial instruments approximate their fair value.



The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations (“ASNPO”) in Part Ill of the CPA Canada Handbook, and in management’s opinion, have been properly prepared within reasonable limits of materiality and within the framework of the significant accounting policies summarized below:

The Association follows the deferral method of accounting for contributions. Contributions are recognized as revenue in the period in which the related expenses are incurred.

Unrestricted contributions are recognized as revenue when received or receivable if the amount to be received can be reasonably estimated and collection is reasonably assured.

Gifts-in-kind received are recorded when the fair market value is reasonably determinable at the date of contribution and when they would normally be purchased and paid for by the Association.


Cash equivalents consist primarily of cash, guaranteed investment certificates and treasury bills with an original maturity of three months or less and are stated at cost. Because of the short term maturity of these investments, their carrying amount approximates fair value.


Property and equipment is stated at cost or deemed cost less accumulated amortization. Property and equipment is amortized over its estimated useful life on a straight-line basis  at the following rates:

Leasehold improvements 5 years
Furniture and equipment 5 years
Computer equipment 3.3 years
Marketing equipment 3.3 years

Property and equipment acquired d uring the year but not placed into use are not amortized until they are placed into use. Property and equipment purchases with a cost below $2,000 are expensed in the year acquired.


Volunteers contribute a significant number of hours to assist the Association in carrying out its activities. Because of the difficulty in determining their fair value, contributed services are not recognized in the financial statements.


The Association initially measures its financial assets and financial liabilities at fair value. It subsequently measures all of its financial assets and financial liabilities at amortized cost. The financial assets measured at amortized cost include cash and cash equivalents, short term investments and accounts receivable. The financial liabilities measured at amortized cost include accounts payable and accrued liabilities.


The financial statements have been prepared in conformity with ASNPO, which require management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the amounts reported in the financial statements and the accompanying notes. In the opinion of management, these financial statements reflect, within reasonable limits of materiality, all adjustments necessary to present fairly the results for the years presented. Actual results could differ from these estimates. Assumptions are used in estimating useful life of property and equipment and accrued liabilities. Management reviews its estimates annually based on current available information.



2018 2017
Balance – beginning of the year $ 54,167 $ 91,343
Recognized as revenue during the year (28,046) (37,176)
Balance – end of the year $ 26,121 $ 54,167



The Association’s Board of Directors has internally restricted $150, 000 (2017 – $75, 000) to be used for emergency purposes. Approval of the Board of Directors is required for these internally restricted amounts to be made available for use.



Gross contributions recognized were $1,333,261 (2017 – $1,288, 177). All expenses incurred for the purposes of soliciting contributions were $138,243 (2017 – $155,005).
No fees were paid as remuneration to fundraising businesses, including any expenses or fees paid by the Association to fundraising businesses or as reimbursements to fundraising businesses. $123,000 was paid as remuneration to employees for fund-raising activities in 2018 (2017 – $142, 192).



Expenses were allocated among the different programs on a pro rata basis according to revenue sources up to the budgeted limits.

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