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Cheryl first became aware of ARBI as a teenager back in the seventies when her good friend’s mother started working with a young man with a brain injury, whose family was told there was no hope for recovery. Over the years, Cheryl saw the incredible results that Audrey Morrice was achieving with survivors. Cheryl followed ARBI’s successful transition into a United Way sponsored Agency. When given the opportunity to join the board, Cheryl was thrilled.

Cheryl, a chartered accountant with over 30 years experience, held positions ranging from CFO of numerous small public companies to Director, Finance at AltaLink. She believes she can add value to ARBI’s board with financial oversight. Cheryl’s interests include squash, water polo, fitness, x-country skiing, cycling and bridge. Her sports passion was put on hold for many years when she suffered a saddle pulmonary embolism and stroke in 2005. She understands the commitment and hard work that survivors undergo to get their life back to an optimal working state. Although she was not a client of ARBI, she is extremely moved by the services that ARBI provides.

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