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Follow Eddie's journey re-learning to run, skate and ride a bike; an example of the activity-based approach we take to rehabilitation. 



John, among other things including stroke survivor, is also a published novelist. We asked him to write about his time here.



Liz says volunteering at ARBI leaves her "feeling inspired and with a greater appreciation for what is important in life and the strength of the human spirit." Read the full Q&A here...


Sam Switzer

"What stuck with me after a tour of the ARBI facility was the perseverance. Encouraged by family and staff, ARBI’s clients persist through hard work to ensure their best outcome.  The possibilities for these clients should not be compromised by a lack of equipment."

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ARBI gives brain injury and stroke survivors a second chance at life.

ARBI provides intensive community-based rehabilitation and family support in a nurturing environment. With personalized rehab, and lots of encouragement, survivors can once again enjoy fulfilling lives in their communities. Continue learning.




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Despite rising food costs, the Community Kitchen's budget has remained only $60/week. That provides just enough for five clients, and is stretched thin when the group swells to six or seven some weeks. Nevermind the waitlist.

Can you help? By giving $20, or the cost of a week of coffee, you can put food on the table for our clients and their families.

Every dollar goes directly into the food budget. CIP staff do groceries each week, like Erin (ARBI community rehab worker) is doing here, then clients prep and cook the meals and take the food home to their families along with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Please give today so this group can work with healthy ingredients. Click here to donate.

A staff member brought her dog in to say hi to some of the clients who were interested. Mike is a dog-lover, and it seems Nash picked up on that! Wish he could stay!


Special thanks to all our University of Calgary student volunteers (like Zak, here with Stacey), who together make up nearly half of all direct client-care volunteer hours. 

In 2015, 70 UofC students logged 3,529 hours, and 6 practicum students tallied another 586 hours (practicums in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, and Kinesiology programs). Thank you! And happy National Volunteer Week!





From all of us (sporting daisies, the international symbol for volunteerism), thank you to our volunteers! Happy National Volunteer Week!


Happy National Volunteer Week! Brandi is one of more than 100 ARBI volunteers who together logged an incredible 11,913 hours last year. Most of those hours (9,531) were in direct client care. To our volunteers: Thank you. Safe to say we couldn't do it without you. Not even close.



Get your copy of the 2016 Community Kitchen recipe calendar! We have a few left are getting rid of them for half price!

Community Kitchen is an ARBI program that includes approximately 14 clients per year. Clients re-learn skills from their on-site rehab with the ultimate goal of cooking independently to provide nutritious meals for themselves and their families. We have some adapted equipment, but it is expensive for clients to continue on their own, so all the proceeds raised from calendar sales are going toward course supplies (food) and purchasing more adaptive equipment for clients. 

The meals are a tangible outcome, but more importantly, clients leave with improved self-esteem and independence. 

Please email to reserve your copy!


Farewell to ARBI’s good friend, Bud McDonald. Bud was a dedicated board member of ARBI for over 12 years, which included serving from 2007 until 2012 as our board president. Bud’s wisdom was surpassed only by his kindness. He will be missed by all. A truly great man who gave so much to ARBI. We are grateful to have known him.

Our hearts go out to Bud’s wife Dorothy, and his family.



We hope Guillaume’s motto resonates with you; it does with us!

We’re excited to share his and other clients’ inspiring stories and give you an idea of what we’re all about in our new video, below. 





The 2014-15 Annual Report has arrived! We're excited to share it with you here.

It's got the numbers, yes, but also some great stories, including Claudia's (pictured). Happy reading!