Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured in Calgary, Alberta

Fall Update

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Is there hope?

We think so! Watch our new video to see why.

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Liz says volunteering at ARBI leaves her "feeling inspired and with a greater appreciation for what is important in life and the strength of the human spirit." Read the full Q&A here...


Sam Switzer

"What stuck with me after a tour of the ARBI facility was the perseverance. Encouraged by family and staff, ARBI’s clients persist through hard work to ensure their best outcome.  The possibilities for these clients should not be compromised by a lack of equipment."

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Jim Gray

“I support ARBI because it is really what Calgary is all about; people coming together to support each other through challenging times.”

Learn how Jim Gray gives second chances …

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ARBI gives brain injury and stroke survivors a second chance at life.

ARBI provides intensive community-based rehabilitation and family support in a nurturing environment. With personalized rehab, and lots of encouragement, survivors can once again enjoy fulfilling lives in their communities. Continue learning.




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