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Our staff has extensive experience in neuro-rehabilitation. They also see the potential each client brings. Hand-in-hand, teamwork creates an atmosphere of respect and trust, with the clients’ goals at the forefront. Survivors and their families are an integral part of the team.

A dedicated group of passionate professionals, front line staff and volunteers support brain injury survivors. This includes:


Recreation Therapists

Social Worker

Program Leaders

Occupational Therapists


Program Co-ordinators

Therapy Assistants

Speech-Language Pathologists

Clinical Psychologist

Community Rehab Workers

Support Workers

ARBI provides an atmosphere that is caring and client-oriented. The staff and volunteers have a level of optimism, enthusiasm and passion that is not often found elsewhere.

Arlin Pachet, Ph.D., C.Psych

The multidisciplinary staff of ARBI is committed to integrating the most current brain research with informed clinical practice in a setting that is respectful, caring, and fully dedicated to the well-being of all their clients and families.

Donald H. Saklofske, Ph.D., Professor - Dept. of Psychology, University of Western Ontario
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