Anyone, at any time…
…can be affected by a brain injury that results in a devastating impact on the individual and their family. It is impossible to be prepared for, or fully able to cope with, the sudden reality of living with a brain injury, or unexpectedly becoming a caregiver.

Together, we work to simply make life better.

Our History, Our Promise

“I can help you.”

These four simple words were uttered by Audrey Morrice in 1972 to her friend, Alice Laine. Alice’s son, Mel, lay in a comatose state in the hospital. Critically injured by a hit-and-run driver, Mel sustained a severe brain injury. Unfortunately, his family was given no hope for his recovery by the medical system. That’s when Audrey blurted out those now famous words.

Audrey lived up to her promise. She worked tirelessly on Mel’s rehabilitation—eight hours a day, seven days a week. Her creativity and determination helped Mel relearn how to talk, walk, think and write, allowing him to lead a meaningful life once again.

Six years later in 1978, Audrey, Alice, and a team of volunteers founded the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI). Here, they began helping other brain injury survivors in the basement of the Woodcliff United Church in Calgary, AB. By 1989, the number of individuals requiring therapy services had grown, and ARBI expanded into its current flagship location on Spruce Drive. The team at ARBI started expanding to include multidisciplinary therapists, front-line staff, and an increasing number of volunteers.

Alice Laine, Mel Laine, Audrey Morrice

Alice Laine, Mel Laine, Audrey Morrice

Audrey and Alice received countless awards for their pioneering work in developing community-based brain injury rehabilitation. In 2003, Audrey was inducted into The Alberta Order of Excellence, the highest honour the Province of Alberta can grant a citizen. One year later, in 2004, Audrey was recognized as a trailblazer and appointed to the Order of Canada, which honours individuals who make extraordinary contributions to the nation.

Mel’s courage, determination, and positive spirit were an inspiration for many over the years. Mel went on to spend nearly 25 years working at The Venturers Society in Bragg Creek, AB, and was recognized as CTV’s Inspired Albertan in 2015. His story and accomplishments will continue to provide hope for brain injury survivors and their families for years to come.

For over 45 years, ARBI has been recognized as a pioneer in community-based brain injury rehabilitation. Our dedicated and compassionate professionals strive every day to keep Audrey’s promise alive by inspiring clients, families, and volunteers to believe in what might seem impossible—to give every survivor a second chance at life.

Making Life Better

Our Vision: Everyone impacted by acquired brain injury lives the best life possible.

ARBI is the only non-profit organization in Canada that utilizes a combined professional and volunteer service delivery model to provide long-term neurorehabilitation and family support for survivors of severe acquired brain injury, caused by:

  • Traumatic injuries (falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, sports injuries)
  • Non-traumatic injuries (brain tumors, strokes, infections, aneurysms, lack of oxygen)

ARBI is dedicated to making life better for individuals with acquired brain injuries. Using an approach that blends science and compassion to create hope for survivors, thousands of individuals across Alberta have benefited from ARBI’s innovative treatment model. Our team of accomplished healthcare professionals and committed volunteers, many of whom are enrolled in medically related studies, provide intensive rehabilitation through a variety of programs.

Our neurorehabilitation experts assess each individual and give a personalized treatment program based on their objectives and goals. ARBI’s programs are based on the principles of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to adapt and rewire new pathways after an injury. These principles are the foundation of the activity-based therapy we provide through our Rehabilitation Services and Recreation Programs.

Recognizing the profound impact of brain injuries on survivors and their families, our Wellness Services extend essential support. These services empower clients and caregivers to navigate life after a brain injury, fostering reconnection with the community and promoting overall well-being.

We believe that every client and every family deserves to have hope for the future.

With tailored and timely rehabilitation, significant improvements in recovery can occur for many years following an injury. Our expertise and experience have shown us that survivors can regain lost abilities, increase their independence and reconnect with their communities.

ARBI helps individuals achieve their dreams of re-engaging in the community and living a fulfilling life. Together, we help families rebuild their lives after brain injury.



ACDS - Alberta Council of Disability Services LogoAssociation for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured is proudly accredited by the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS).

Our Values

Quality of Life

Dignity & Respect






All individuals deserve to live their best possible life and can be active community participants.

We treat each client with respect and dignity at all times.

We believe that every client and every family deserves to have hope for the future.

We embrace diversity in our clients, volunteers, board and staff, and capitalize on our differences for the benefit of all those affected by moderate to severe brain injury, including stroke.

We advocate for our clients and their families to help make life better.

Our staff and volunteers are compassionate as they guide clients through their recovery to reach their goals in an atmosphere of openness, caring and trust.

Our positive culture values teamwork—internally amongst clients, staff and volunteers and externally through collaboration with partners and other agencies.


Promoting the Power of Community

Recovery from an acquired brain injury (ABI) or stroke is a lifelong process. ARBI plays a strong role in advocating for clients and families throughout their rehabilitation journey and beyond. We promote brain injury awareness in our community to bring attention to this critical, but often overlooked cause.


  • Promote stroke and TBI recovery by connecting clients and their families to appropriate resources
  • Refer and follow-up with health care professionals and public/community organizations, enhanced communication and further education
  • Establish a strong sense of community
  • Build a shared resource base among members of the brain injury community to address and accommodate varying needs
  • Create a strong support network
  • Represent stroke and TBI survivors’ interests
  • Establish partnerships and liaisons with community-based stroke and TBI associations or agencies

Join our community to stay connected with this important cause…