Continued Compassion for Lasting Change

January 5, 2024 > News

Join ARBI’s Monthly Giving Program

Your generosity is the heartbeat of ARBI, and we invite you to elevate your support through our Monthly Giving Program. This isn’t just about donations; it’s about becoming a vital force for sustained impact and lasting change. Here’s why being a monthly donor is not just rewarding but transformative:

  • Consistent Impact: Ensure a steady stream of funding, vital for the effective planning and execution of initiatives.
  • Convenience & Flexibility: Support our cause within your budget while spreading donations conveniently throughout the year.
  • Deeper Engagement: Witness firsthand the ongoing impact of your support and forge a deeper connection with our cause and those we serve.
  • Reduced Fundraising Costs: Your consistent support reduces our expenses, directing more resources to rehabilitation programs.
  • Maximized Giving Potential: Amplify your impact over time with monthly contributions, creating a lasting effect that surpasses the impact of a one-time donation.
  • Automatic Giving: Our program is designed for your convenience, ensuring your ongoing support without the hassle of remembering to donate each month.
  • Recognition & Perks: Be a part of a community that appreciates your commitment with updates, exclusive event invitations, and behind-the-scenes information to keep you engaged and informed.


Fill out the Monthly Giving Form to start your journey of creating lasting change.