New Year, New Charity

January 21, 2022 > News

ARBI is grateful to have been chosen as Valley to Peak OT Consulting Ltd’s 2022 charity of choice.

Catharine Eckersley, Director and Occupational Therapist at Valley to Peak spends every day out in the heart of our community and is always discovering deserving and under-funded causes to support. This is why she believes in a model of  ‘New Year, New Charity’ to spread love and wealth across our city. Every January, Catharine selects a local charity that is aligned with Valley to Peak’s values and occupational therapy to partner with. A percentage of Valley to Peak’s profits will be donated to the selected charity in December.

Being able to support, and create awareness of our community’s extraordinary and innovative charities, like ARBI, is a key pillar of Valley to Peak, and selecting a new charity every year is something I greatly look forward to and intend to do for years, if not decades, to come!
Catharine Eckersley
Director & Occupational Therapist, Valley to Peak OT Consulting Ltd

Catharine chose ARBI as she has always been interested in working with people with brain injuries. In fact, that is one of the main reasons she applied to the occupational therapy program. The students in the program were asked “Why do you want to be an OT? Why did you apply?”. Everyone mentioned variations of “I want to help people”, “To make a difference”, “To work with kids”, and Catharine clearly remembers stating “To run my own brain injury clinic”.

Five years later, Valley to Peak opened, and although not a brain injury-specific clinic, it provides occupational therapy services to clients with brain injuries, sports and MVA concussion, post-COVID brain fog, as well as a myriad of other health conditions.

Valley to Peak provides comprehensive services in person or via virtual care (telehealth) in the comfort of your own home. Occupational therapists specialize in accessibility and home safety, aging in place, wheelchair prescription, adaptive equipment, mental health, concussion and brain injury, cognition, dementia, return to work and ergonomics, and more.

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