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ARBI: The bridge to the rest of your life

Brain injuries and strokes can be catastrophic, life changing events. Medical treatment saves lives and minimizes impairments but often people feel left on the edge of an embankment wondering how to move on to some kind of normal life. ARBI is all about helping people and families to overcome disabilities and discover a life after brain injury or stroke.

No two brain injuries are alike, just as no two people are alike. Each survivor has different dreams and aspirations, and finds meaning and purpose in different activities and roles. ARBI wants to know what fulfills you, and help you move toward this. This is why ARBI’s service model is highly successful. We believe that every client and family deserves to have hope for the future. Our experience has shown us that survivors can regain lost abilities, increase independence and reconnect with their communities. With appropriate rehabilitation, significant improvements can happen even years following an injury. Together, we help families cross the bridge to a life after brain injury

ARBI utilizes volunteers in many aspects. In fact, ARBI was founded by volunteers. We see it as a win-win as clients can build relationships with people who are passionate about helping them recover, and volunteers learn first-hand about the world of helping professions.

Our key program objectives are:

  • To provide longer-term rehabilitation and promote community participation for persons with severe, acquired brain injury (including stroke)
  • To offer a person-centered approach
  • To provide support and advocacy for individuals with brain injury and their families
  • To share ARBI’s resources and expertise
  • To engage volunteers in making life better for brain injury survivors

“ARBI is more than rehab – it is a family…

The staff and volunteers at ARBI want the best for their clients and expect the best from them. Clients are motivated to work hard to better themselves and their quality of life. Rehabilitation at ARBI is not just about moving and thinking better and communicating more effectively, it is about clients learning and working in an environment where they feel safe and accepted for who they are.”

Jenny Pachet M.S., R.SLP, SLP (C), Pachet Assessment and Rehabilitation Services Inc. and a friend of ARBI since 1993


If you or a loved one has suffered a severe brain injury or stroke, is medically stable, no longer receiving therapy in a hospital or outpatient setting and requires daily care or supervision, they may be eligible for services at ARBI. ARBI works closely with the Alberta Health Services – Brain Injury program, but also receives referrals directly from care providers or families. ARBI’s intake team gathers information on your medical history and treatment already received and arranges a screening assessment to confirm eligibility.

ARBI 101:

Often, a client’s first visits are to attend the ARBI 101 group. ARBI 101 is a seated fitness group that gives prospective clients a chance to connect with ARBI while staff decide whether clients’ tolerance and commitment are adequate to benefit from ARBI programs. The group is overseen by therapists and run by trained staff and volunteers. It includes armchair fitness, mental stimulation activities, manipulative activities and social interaction.

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