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Just as no two people are alike, no two brain injuries are alike.

Each survivor has different dreams and aspirations and finds meaning and purpose in different activities and roles. Together, we’ll take the time to understand what fulfills you, and help you move toward this. This is why ARBI’s support model is highly successful. We believe that every client and family deserves to have hope for the future—THEIR future.

Our experience has shown us that survivors can regain lost abilities, increase independence and reconnect with their communities. With appropriate rehabilitation, significant improvements can happen years following an injury. Together, we help families cross the bridge to a meaningful life after brain injury.

“The staff and volunteers at ARBI want the best for their clients and expect the best from them. Clients are motivated to work hard to better themselves and their quality of life. Rehabilitation at ARBI is not just about moving and thinking better and communicating more effectively, it is about clients learning and working in an environment where they feel safe and accepted for who they are.”

Jenny Pachet MS, R-SLP, SLP (C), Pachet Assessment and Rehabilitation Services Inc.

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