Rehabilitation Services

Building Personalized Paths to Recovery

ARBI specializes in neurorehabilitation, providing dedicated support for stroke and brain injury survivors in their journey toward recovery. Our interdisciplinary team focuses on building personalized paths to recovery, addressing diverse goals from enhancing speech or swallowing abilities to long-term goals like planning outings, volunteering, or moving back home with loved ones. Additionally, we facilitate participation in recreational therapy groups, fostering social engagement and personal growth in a supportive environment. At ARBI, our client-centered approach empowers individuals at every stage of their recovery journey.

Holistic Interdisciplinary Care: A Comprehensive Support Network

ARBI provides comprehensive neurorehabilitation therapy services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and recreation therapy. Our compassionate professionals collaborate closely with clients to tailor treatment plans, ensuring they align with self-identified goals.

This holistic approach extends to psychosocial support, including access to a neuropsychologist and social worker. ARBI’s social worker actively engages with clients and families throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure families are connected to all community resources when needed.

For a deeper understanding of our holistic wellness services, please visit our Wellness Services page.

Rehabilitation Fees

  • Initial Assessment (per discipline): $180
  • Ongoing Treatment (per 50-minute session):
    • Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, or Speech Therapy (with Registered Therapist): $120
    • Rehabilitation Assistant Treatment (supervised by a Registered Therapist): $70
    • Recreation Therapist: $80
  • Third-Party Documentation: $80/hour
  • Rehabilitation supply fees may also apply depending on treatment plans.

Coverage Options

To ensure accessibility to our rehabilitation services, we offer various funding options, including coverage through Alberta Health Services Calgary Brain Injury Program, Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), First Nation Bands, private health insurance, commercial insurance (covering accident settlements and health/wellness programs), military service branches, and direct payment by individuals.

Donations & Financial Assistance

Individuals facing challenges in covering the costs of ARBI’s services may be eligible for financial assistance through the generosity of our donors. Donations are vital in sustaining ARBI’s rehabilitation services, complementing government funding to ensure ongoing essential care and support. Your generosity opens doors to recovery—enabling transformative therapy for survivors on their recovery journey.

Explore what our clients have to say on our Testimonials page and read inspiring Survivor Stories on our News & Events page.

“ARBI does a wonderful job of making rehabilitation come to life. ARBI staff are strongly committed to persons with brain injury and lovingly blend compassion, hope, up-to-date therapy methods and warmth of heart into all that they do for families and individuals with brain injury. Our Calgary brain injury community is richer for all that ARBI represents.”

— Patty Higgins, Clinical Consultant Brain Injury Services, Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency