Our Clients Say It Better Than We Can

At the end of the day, it’s our clients and their families who are most impacted by ARBI’s dedication and support. Here are what just a few of our clients have to say about how ARBI impacted their lives after life was forever changed.

“I suffered a stroke in December of 2018. After my stroke, I remained in the hospital for the next nine months. After three months, my rehabilitation program stopped. I was told that I had seen the most progress in that three-month period and that not much more would happen after that point. Upon my discharge from the hospital, I asked the doctors if I would continue to progress, and I was told, “What you see is what you get.” That was the start of my real journey. I researched stroke rehabilitation on the Internet and talked to a Calgary Transit Access (CTA) bus driver, who recommended ARBI to me. That’s when I discovered ARBI and knew my prayers had been answered!

ARBI has been my saving grace; it has given me back the light at the end of the tunnel, and because of this, I now have hope once again. ARBI works with me on a weekly basis, not only to rehabilitate me but to prepare me to live more independently. It has helped me to get out into the community once again. The love and support from ARBI is like no other. For this, I am truly blessed, thankful, and forever grateful.”

– Patrick, Stroke Survivor

“While dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, I then suffered a stroke that left the whole right side of my body unable to move. I couldn’t walk and was barely able to transfer from my wheelchair to a chair or bed. I got the acceptance call to join ARBI and their wonderful group of dedicated, skilled workers, and I was so excited!

I can now stand with a walker, walk short distances and I’m even learning to do stairs. I’m using this newfound confidence I’ve gained through ARBI and their wonderful staff, to kick start my days. I’m not overwhelmed anymore. Never say, “I can’t do it” because YOU can, and I can. Thank you, ARBI, for letting me shine with confidence!”

– Judith, Stroke Survivor

“The programs offered through ARBI have significantly contributed to Harvey’s recovery from his stroke. The staff and volunteers have always made him feel as if he were part of a large family. Pre-Covid Harvey looked forward to weekly programs like group walks, golfing, and cooking. Since Covid, he has learned new computer skills by participating in Zoom calls. These programs enable Harvey to stay positive and provide him with the incentive to participate and engage with others like him at ARBI. Thank you, ARBI!”

– Harvey’s Sister, Brenda

“I was so lucky to be sent to ARBI, the staff are like family to me.”

– Denise, Stroke Survivor

“ARBI treats people in wheelchairs like PEOPLE, not like people in wheelchairs. They helped me with all the everyday skills I needed.”

– Margo, Brain Injury Survivor

“ARBI is a unique community rehabilitation resource in southern Alberta. Through a very supportive and nurturing environment, ARBI succeeds in enhancing the daily lives of many individuals with brain injury and stroke. ARBI’s commitment to their client’s well-being is truly exceptional and their positive attitude is contagious.”

– Dr. Sean Dukelow, Neuroscientist at the University of Calgary, Member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute & the Calgary Stroke Program

“Since its inception, ARBI has been a role model in the community for its innovative approach to helping people. By engaging citizens as partners in the delivery of healthcare, they have found a way to provide intensive rehabilitation in a cost-effective manner. The ARBI model pairs volunteers with professional therapists to deliver rehab programs.

Many of ARBI’s volunteers are young students; ARBI builds on their leadership potential and thirst for knowledge. These young people inspire ARBI’s clients with their caring participation and likewise the volunteers are inspired by the clients’ successes. It is the ultimate win-win partnership!”

– James K. Gray, Officer of the Order of Canada, ARBI Donor

I call ARBI the place of grace—a warm and welcoming sanctuary of help, hope, acceptance and respect. The talented, gifted and exceptional staff and volunteers provide the very best therapy with compassion, kindness, understanding and expertise. Each client receives therapy specifically tailored to their needs. This extends not only to the clients but also to their families. Derek was so lost inside himself, but shortly after beginning his therapy at ARBI, he gained self-confidence and pride.

ARBI is always there for their clients and families even after the client has graduated from the On-Site Program. We have never been forgotten. ARBI has reached out to us numerous times and continues to do so. The recreation programs are invaluable and provide the client with wonderful opportunities to further their growth and abilities. Derek enjoys his yoga, exercise and art classes immensely and looks forward to them every week. He feels a sense of pride and accomplishment.

ARBI has our very deepest appreciation and gratitude for their dedication and hard work. They have greatly enhanced our lives and continue to do so six years after graduation. Thank you, ARBI, for all you do and all you have done for us.

– Derek’s Wife, Dixie